17 February 2021

TRENDS Research and Advisory signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Arab Youth Center for enhancing research and scientific cooperation. The MoU stipulates the cooperation of the two parties in conducting research, especially on issues related to youth, as well as cooperation in carrying out field surveys and public opinion polls aimed at identifying the priorities of Arab youth. The MOU also includes cooperation in the development and design of training programs, which contribute to the advancement of young people and the development of their research skills and academic knowledge.

The Arab Youth Center is a unique platform that embraces youth creativity, invests in their capabilities and instills in them hope for the future to prepare promising young Arab leaders. It also focuses on empowering Arab youth by developing targeted initiatives and cooperating with Arab governments to nurture a generation of young Arab leaders capable of building a better future for the Arab world. The Center also issues studies and reports on the current situation, behaviors and aspirations of Arab youth. These studies provide the necessary data to develop programs that empower the young Arab generation.

The signing of this MoU by TRENDS Research and Advisory comes within the framework of its eagerness to open up to academic and research institutions, in order to promote cooperation in enhancing comprehensive and sustainable development, and within its annual plan for 2021, which aims to establish a global network of relations and close strategic partnerships with prominent research and study centers, decision support centers, and governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Since the beginning of 2021, TRENDS Research and Advisory has signed a number of agreements and memorandums of cooperation with various research centers at home and abroad, one of which is the cooperation agreement with Rabdan Academy with a view to carrying out research on issues of common interest, especially in the fields of politics, security and defense. TRENDS has also concluded a memorandum of cooperation with the Russian International Affairs Council with the aim of enhancing scientific research and academic cooperation, exchanging expertise and publications, benefiting from access to each other’s databases, establishing research projects and organizing events on issues of common interest.