10 June 2020

TRENDS Research & Advisory has signed an agreement with the Abu Dhabi Media Company’s United Printing & Publishing (UPP) for the print and distribution of its publications in the UAE and around the world and their listing on Amazon, one of the largest online bookstores.

Dr. Mohamed Abdulla Al-Ali, the Director-General of TRENDS Research & Advisory, expressed his appreciation of UPP as one of the most important printing companies in the region. He praised UPP’s hi-tech printing machines and its maintenance of printing standards, which are at par with the best printing and publishing companies in the world.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Ali said that this agreement is an important step toward making the Center’s publications available to a wider pool of researchers, students and libraries. He said that TRENDS publications will benefit from the UPP’s vast experience in providing distribution, delivery, publishing and marketing services both regionally and globally.

According to him, the international credibility enjoyed by TRENDS and the increasing number of experts and researchers from around the world, who are interested in following its various activities, prove that it is on way to becoming a source of knowledge and academic contribution. He attributed this success to the rigorous studies and analyses being produced by TRENDS, which provide objective insights on regional and international issues, particularly those related to geopolitics, economy, security and social affairs.

Mr. Ali Saif Al-Nuaimi, the Director-General of UPP, said that the agreement with TRENDS is in line with the company’s goal of disseminating scientific and cultural knowledge. He lauded the high standard maintained by TRENDS publications and its distinguished research activities, which keep up with regional and international developments.

Mr. Al-Nuaimi said that the UPP is always keen to acquire the latest international printing machines to achieve its objective of promoting the industry in the UAE, and to strengthen its regional and international competitiveness. He also said that the company is striving to make the UAE a regional hub for printing and publishing industry and to build the culture of creativity and possesses the technical know-how and organizational capacity.

Mr. Al-Nuaimi said that the membership of Tawzea Distribution & Logistics Services, an affiliate of UPP, in the Arab Distributors Union, the Emirates Publishers Association, the Arab Publishers Association, and the International Distributors Association, make it an important outlet for the dissemination of culture and knowledge in the region and the world. It will add more value to the Center’s many publications and activities.

The UPP has recently printed the following three books published by TRENDS Research & Advisory: Muslim Brotherhood: Circumstances of Emergence and Foundation, Organizational Structure of Muslim Brotherhood: Features, Targets and Future, and The Special Apparatus of the Muslim Brotherhood: Formation, Objectives, and Evolution. These books are available in print and electronic formats and can be obtained through Tawzea Distribution & Logistics Services.