29 August 2021

Trends Research and Advisory signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with the Middle East Research Institute (MERI), Kurdistan, Iraq, with the aim of strengthening cooperation in the fields of scientific research, studies and opinion polls, as well as enhancing the partnership between the two sides to exchange research and publications and jointly organize seminars and lectures.

The memorandum seeks to establish a general framework for cooperation and coordination between the two sides in areas of common interest, especially in the field of strategic research, which depends on independent objective research and rigorous analysis.

It provides for strengthening joint cooperation in the fields of scientific and academic research, conducting joint research, exchanging experts and researchers, leveraging databases and information, hosting and organizing joint research events, including conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops and lectures, and exchanging publications issued by the two sides.

Fields of cooperation also include several research areas, including foreign relations, national security, economy, energy, environment, health, education, public services, cultural development, along with jointly organized workshops, seminars and conferences.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that the memorandum of cooperation and understanding with MERI, Kurdistan, Iraq, reflects TRENDS keenness to strengthen research and scientific partnerships with key research institutions and think tanks regionally and globally.

Al-Ali said he looked forward to strengthening research and scientific cooperation with MERI, a key research institution in the Middle East that plays a vital role in analyzing strategic developments at the national, regional and international levels and conducts research that contributes to understanding latest international developments.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali stated that by strengthening its research and scientific partnerships, TRENDS aims to be a bridge connecting key research institutions at the regional and international levels, in addition to predicting future paths of crises and international issues, and presenting ideas and proposals to help decision makers deal with them.

The CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory said he hoped this memorandum would contribute to strengthening cooperation with MERI in areas of common interest.

He explained that TRENDS attaches great importance to coordination and cooperation with research and intellectual institutions, including MERI, which has strengthened its research position and active role at various levels.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali noted that this memorandum comes within the framework of promoting TRENDS regionally and internationally and expanding its partnerships with leading research institutions.