14 March 2021

TRENDS Research and Advisory will organize an e-symposium entitled “The Future of Energy and Sustainability” on Tuesday, March 16, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. UAE time, in both Arabic and English, via a live broadcast on the TRENDS website.

The symposium will shed light on the future of energy security and sustainability and the repercussions of new technologies on renewable and non-renewable energy, in light of the changes in the energy map in recent years and the increasing dependence on renewable and clean energy. The United Nations estimates that global investments in renewable energy were at 2.6 trillion US dollars during 2010-2019, and expects that this number will increase significantly in the next period, in light of the advances in energy technology. The Covid-19 pandemic reinforced this global trend, as reliance on renewable energy sources became a necessity to enhance sustainability, especially with the fluctuation of oil prices in global markets. This trend is also due to international efforts to rationalize energy consumption and preserve the environment. The symposium seeks to explore the future of energy through several topics: (1) Energy transition: between energy security and sustainability; (2) New technologies and the future of fossil fuels; (3) The future of non-traditional renewable energy: challenges and opportunities; and (4) Energy sources management: the main driver of sustainability.

Among the group of energy experts participating in the symposium are: Tatiana Antonelli Abella, Founder and Managing Director of the Goumbook Foundation, United Arab Emirates; Dr. Elai Rettig, Senior Researcher at the Maritime Policy and Strategy Research Center, Israel; Dr. Kobayashi Amane, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan; Jeremy M. Martin, Vice President, Energy and Sustainability, Institute of the Americas, United States; and Sarah Al-Harthey, a business development manager for renewable energy projects in Saudi Arabia.

This symposium is the fourth event of the “Future Trends: The World in 2071” forum, which was launched by TRENDS with the aim of anticipating potential developments in the political, economic, security, military, technological and cultural fields in the next fifty years, with a view to advising governments so that they are prepared and equipped to deal with them. The previous three symposiums discussed: (1) The impact of space in redesigning humanity’s future; (2) New economic growth models in the next fifty years; and (3) Knowledge revolution and global economic development prospects.