The UAE’s efforts in fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic

TRENDS Research and Advisory, in cooperation with Emarat Al-Youm newspaper, is conducting an opinion poll on the “UAE’s efforts in fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic” in order to understand the views of both nationals and expatriates about these efforts, as well as the vaccines provided the country, and to know their opinions about vaccination of children in order to protect them from infection with COVID-19.We appreciate your valuable participation in the poll, and assure you that your answers will be treated with strict confidentiality and will be used for research purposes only.

Personal Information:

1. Gender

2. Nationality


3. Age

4. Emirate

Abu DhabiDubaiSharjahAjmanUmm Al-QuwainFujairahRas Al-Khaimah


1. In your opinion, how effective are the precautionary measures taken by the UAE government to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic?

2. What is your assessment of the way each of the following sectors deal with the COVID-19 pandemic?

2.1. Health Sector:

2.2. Economic Sector:

2.3. Emergencies and Crises Management Center:

2.4. Security and Police Sector:

2.5. Education Sector:

3. In general, what is your assessment of UAE’s efforts in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic?

4. Have received a COVID-19 vaccine?

5. In your view, how effective are the COVID-19 vaccines in general?

6. The Ministry of Health and Prevention has approved the emergency use of the (Sinopharm) vaccine against COVID-19 for children in the 3-17 years age group, do you support this step?

7. Have you vaccinated one of your family members in the above-mentioned age group?