Barometer Analytical Reports

Lifting Covid-19 Measures in the UAE

As part of its opinion poll series, TRENDS Research & Advisory Center conducted an opinion poll on “Lifting Covid-19 Measures in the UAE” with the aim of exploring the opinions of the UAE community members, both nationals and expatriates, about lifting the COVID-19 restrictions in the UAE. Supervised by the Center’s Global Barometer Department, the poll was conducted in the context of the memorandum of understanding and cooperation, recently signed between TRENDS Research and Advisory Center and the ‘Al-Emarat Al-Youm’ newspaper, aiming to enhance partnership and cooperation between research centers and national and international media institutions. The poll contained the following five questions: 1- How many Covid-19 vaccine doses have you received so far? 2- Why do you follow precautionary measures (wearing face masks, physical distancing, taking PCR tests / etc.)? 3- To what extent have these precautionary measures imposed by states contributed to curbing the spread of Covid-19? 4- Some countries have recently lifted Covid-19 restrictions, such as mandatory face masks and regular PCR tests, and other measures. To what extent do you support such lifting in the United Arab Emirates? 5- If you support the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, which of the following restrictions do you recommend lifting?