Barometer Analytical Reports

Muslim Brotherhood and Parallel State: Directing the Struggle against the Nation-State

Trends Research and Advisorty Center carried out an opinion poll on the Muslim Brotherhood and the parallel state, and how it directs the struggle against the nation-state, in order to know the views of a sample of respondents about this topic. The poll contained the following five questions:

  1. Do the ideological premises of the Muslim Brotherhood pose a threat to the nation-state?
  2. Does the Muslim Brotherhood has a modern view of the concept of the nation-state?
  3. Is it possible for “caliphate”, according to the Muslim Brotherhood’s perspective, to constitute an alternative to the nation-state in its present form?
  4. Does the Muslim Brotherhood’s view about the nation-state differ from that of other extremist and terrorist groups?
  5. Has the Muslim Brotherhood exploited the crises to establish a parallel state and undermine the nation-state?

The poll questionnaire was posted in both Arabic and English on the website of “Trends” Center for two weeks in order to enable individuals to participate in it.