Barometer Analytical Reports

The UAE Community Opinion on EXPO 2020 Dubai

As part of its opinion poll series, TRENDS Research & Advisory Center conducted a poll on “The UAE Community Opinion on EXPO 2020 Dubai”, with the aim of exploring the opinions of UAE residents, both nationals and expatriates, about EXPO 2020 Dubai. Supervised by TRENDS’ Global Barometer Department, the poll was conducted within the framework of a memorandum of understanding and cooperation recently signed between TRENDS Research and Advisory Center and the ‘Al-Emarat Al-Youm’ newspaper, which is aimed at enhancing cooperation between research centers and media institutions, both regionally and internationally. The poll sought to explore the attractions of EXPO 2020 Dubai, what the UAE will gain from hosting this event, and in what ways it will strengthen its image. The poll included six questions:

  1. Are you planning to visit EXPO 2020 Dubai?
  2. With whom are you planning to visit/have you visited EXPO 2020 Dubai?
  3. What do you think the UAE will gain from hosting EXPO 2020 Dubai?
  4. How can the UAE strengthen its image through EXPO 2020 Dubai?
  5. What attracts you most to EXPO 2020 Dubai?
  6. Which topics would you like to see discussed in the EXPO forums?