Abdul-Hadi Al-Hammadi

Head of Administrative Affairs Sector / CEO Office Manager

Abdulhadi Al-Hammadi is the Head of the Administrative Affairs Sector at TRENDS Research and Advisory. He has previously served as an inspector at the Department of Health and Environment (2010-2011). During 2011-2013, he worked at the Operations Department and the Director-General’s Office at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, Training and Development Branch. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and media from the Emirates College of Technology, the United Arab Emirates University, in 2017. He took several courses and workshops during 2004-2017, including effective communication skills, basic diving, innovation in government work, emergency and crisis management, public relations, dissemination of culture of excellence, skills in information collection methods at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, an intensive English language course at the University of Western Australia, and a computer driving certificate. Abdulhadi Al-Hammadi has received many awards, including a certificate of excellence from the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ in 2014 and 2017. He possesses a number of advanced skills in most Microsoft programs, such as design and fast typing, in addition to outstanding communication skills in both Arabic and English writing and speaking. In terms of managerial skills, Al-Hammadi has proven ability to prioritize and organize work effectively, make decisions, manage time, identify and measure performance indicators, and develop sound operational plans in accordance with a quality management system.