Ahmed Alturbak

Lead Economist, Government Entity, Abu Dhabi

Ahmed Alturbak is a Saudi national with a Master’s in Economics and Finance from the UK. Ahmed has served as an Economist for Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Economic Council, advising on macroeconomic issues and cross-cutting government policies. He also led a project to assess the Saudi FDI landscape and recommended government reforms.

In the UAE, Ahmed has worked in the private sector, management consultancy, and the private equity space. For two and a half years, beginning 2016, Ahmed worked at the World Bank Group’s HQ in Washington DC, focusing on its portfolio with Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, and Oman. He has led and participated in development strategies projects and supported clients in setting up monitoring and evaluation systems.

In February 2019, Ahmed joined an Abu Dhabi-based government entity as a Lead Economist, where he serves to date. He leads the entity’s economic research & strategic partnership on Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and Central & South Asia regions.