Alya Aljneibi

Master’s degree in Engineering Management

Researcher / Director of Strategic Partnerships Department

Alya Aljneibi is a Researcher and the Director of the Strategic Partnerships Department at TRENDS Research & Advisory. She obtained her Master’s degree in Engineering Management from Abu Dhabi University, UAE, focusing on strategic management, project management, quality management, research, innovation, leadership and other technical subjects. She completed her B.A. in Sustainability and Environmental Sciences from Zayed University, UAE. In her academic journey, she has led and participated in several global and local initiatives and has contributed to a number of community services as well as voluntary work. In her professional career, Alya has gained extensive experience in research and partnerships. She succeeded in attracting a great network of global and local research institutes and universities and has met with numerous diplomats and policymakers; she also attended several specialised conferences and collaborative events.