Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghathami

Professor of Criticism and Theory at King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghathami is a professor of Criticism and Theory at the Faculty of Arts, Department of the Arabic language, King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has also taught Criticism and Theory Courses at King Abdul Aziz University (1978-1989), where he founded the Department of Arabic Language and established the Faculty of Arts Magazine. During his tenure at the King Abdul Aziz University, he headed the Department of Media. Dr. Al-Ghathami served as Vice President of the Jeddah Literary Club and contributed to its cultural projects through lectures, symposiums, and conferences. In addition to issuing many publications and translations for the Club, he cofounded Alamat magazine, which is specialized in literary criticism and theory. Dr. Al-Ghathami authored several books, including Al-Khatee’a wat Takfeer (Sin and Atonement), published in 1985, Al-Mar’a Wal Wahm (Women and Illusion), in 1996, and Thaqafat Twitter: Hurriyat Al-Ta’beer aw Mas’ooliyyat Al-Ta’beer (Twitter Culture: Freedom of Expression or Responsibility for Expression), in 2016.