Dr. Anas Al-Tariqi

Non-resident fellow - Expert in modern civilization - University of Tunis

Dr. Anas Al-Tariqi is working as an Assistant Professor specializing in modern civilization at the University of Tunis within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Sfax. Dr. Al-Tariqi’s research interests focus on issues of modernization in contemporary Arab thought, the problems of the relationship between religion and politics, and religious renewal in contemporary Islam. Dr. Al-Tariqi received his PhD in the domain of modern civilization for his thesis in Arabic entitled: “The Religious State in Contemporary Arab Thought” (2011). Among his publications in Arabic is his article entitled: “The Islamic Awakening between the Demand of the Civil State and the Constraint of the Religious State”. Also, his article in Arabic entitled: “Al-Qaradawi and the Civil State: Democracy or Theocracy?”  in addition to many others published works of his.