Dr. Ziad Najjar

Non-Resident Fellow, expert in public health

Dr. Ziad Yagoub Najjar is a former Adviser to the World Health Organization (WHO) on health promotion in developing countries and AIDS prevention and control in Morocco. He has also served as public health and socio-behavioral research lecturer for the Arab board community health doctors at the Dubai Health Authority, UAE. Dr. Ziad has been a public health consultant at the UAE’s federal health ministry and a short-term consultant for HIV/AIDS prevention strategic planning for UNICEF in Oman. He has also worked at the UNFPA in Jordan and Syria and for the national strategy and deportation policy in Cairo, Egypt. Since September 2012, Dr. Ziad has been Regional Operational Manager at Visamed Healthcare Solutions, MENA, for expatriate health with the responsibility to develop strategic national plans. He has also had a two-year stint (2005 -2007) as the Director of Marketing, Media and Communications, at Al-Noor Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE.