Dr. Elsayed Ali AbouFarha

Expert/ Strategic Studies Section

Elsayed Ali AbouFarha, An associate professor, a senior researcher, an ex-visiting scholar at William and Mary University, USA, a former US Department of State SUSI SCHOLARS Fellow at the Donahue Research Institute – the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Also he was a board member of the Egyptian Akhbar Al-Youm Academy, he obtained his Ph.D. in political science on the judicial politics in 2015, MA in public Management in 2022 from the School of Public Policy at Tsinghua University, China, MA in Political Science in 2011 from the Faculty of Economics at Cairo University, Egypt. has research and teaching experience approaching two decades. Has participated in international conferences in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Has publications in Arabic and English, books, and chapters in books in the field of political systems, Middle Eastern politics, democracy, civil-military relations, African politics. He is a reviewer in many Arab and foreign scientific journals, He has supervised and discussed scientific dissertations for the doctoral and master’s levels in several universities. Also has long experience in training and providing specialized consultations to several official and informal institutions.