Muttahir Salim

Associate Director – Security at Buro Happold (Middle East)

Muttahir Salim is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Security and Crime Science, University College London. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics and earned a master’s with Distinction from the prestigious Department of War Studies at King’s College London. His research interests delve into the metaverse and environmental criminology, with a focus on crime data analytics. He leverages Social Network Analytics, Geospatial Analysis, and Neural Networks in his research. Presently, Muttahir leads the Middle East Security practice for Buro Happold, an international boutique design engineering consultancy. Before transitioning to the private sector, he spent a decade as a commissioned officer in the British Royal Navy, serving overseas. Notably, he founded a successful tech startup in Scotland, reaching a USD 300 million valuation, and continues to contribute to the startup ecosystem as an investor. His diverse background and expertise in crime mapping and analysis complement his role. A fellow of the UK Security Institute, Muttahir Salim’s journey exemplifies a pragmatic blend of academic rigor, military service, entrepreneurial success, and leadership in security consultancy.