Shamma Ahmed Al Qutbah

Senior Student at Zayed University

Shamma Al Qutbah is a distinguished senior student at Zayed University, specializing in International Relations with a minor in Arabic for Media. Within the tapestry of academia, Shamma stands as a beacon of accomplishment, having conducted numerous impactful research papers, each a testament to her commitment to scholarly excellence.

A skilled orator, Shamma has not only enriched the discourse within Zayed University but has also shared her insights at conference presentations, leaving an indelible mark at both the local and international levels, including the esteemed University of Houston. The accolades adorning Shamma’s academic journey mirror her dedication to excellence, earning multiple honors and awards that acknowledge the depth of her contributions.

Currently navigating the realms of practical application, Shamma is on an enriching internship journey at TRENDS Research and Advisory, seamlessly bridging the gap between theory and real-world insights. This biography encapsulates Shamma’s narrative—a captivating blend of academic prowess, research finesse, and a commitment to shaping the future in the dynamic sphere of international relations and media.