Steve Surfaro

Chairman Public Safety Working Group Security Industry Association - United States of America

With thirty years of security industry experience, Steve Surfaro is Chairman of the Public Safety Working Group for the Security Industry Association, published in a wide range of security publications and delivers industry-accredited sessions each year to audiences in the Americas, Middle East and Asia. Steve is a subject matter expert in cultivation centers and dispensaries, smart cities and buildings, cyber security attack trends, forensic video, and first responder technologies. He recently served as Public Safety Solutions Designer on the Super Bowl LIVE! Event, a multi-day sports themed event in Downtown Houston that attracted over 1M fans.  The City of Houston Police Dept considered it so successful that the solutions used will be re-deployed for crime reduction, early warning and traffic management. Steve recently appeared on CNBC’s Closing Bell on the subjects of early warning systems and enhanced security screening, following the Mandalay Bay incident.