Thi Hien Nguyen

Non-Resident Fellow, Founder/Director, SpaceconneX

Thi Hien Nguyen is the Executive Director at SpaceconneX. She is a futurist and thought leader with Agenda 2030, especially space for sustainable development. Hien has been selected as one of 25 women to be part of the Space4Women Mentor Network, a United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs program that promotes gender equality and empowerment in the space sector. Role models within the Space4Women Mentor Network are space industry leaders and professionals with notable accomplishments.

Thi Hien is a social impact entrepreneur, producer, and philanthropist. She serves as the Advisory Board Member for Lifeboat Foundation on the Futurists, Space Settlement, and Sustainability Board. She is also an alumnus of the Space Management and Business Department at the International Space University, where she completed the Team Project: Space for Urban Planning. She is also the CEO/Founder of Hi-Performance, Germany’s preeminent option for achieving peak performance and longevity.