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CURTAINS DOWN ON .. TRENDS’ French research expedition and engagement in «Paris International Book Fair 2024»

20 Apr 2024

CURTAINS DOWN ON .. TRENDS’ French research expedition and engagement in «Paris International Book Fair 2024»

20 Apr 2024


TRENDS Research & Advisory has concluded its successful research expedition in France and debut engagement at the Paris International Book Fair 2024, further cementing its position as a leading global intellectual hub. The expedition featured symposiums and discussion sessions on a spectrum of scientific research’s predictive role and tackled various pertinent issues. It also marked the debut of new research publications and explored opportunities of collaboration with esteemed international research centers.



Prestigious Presence At Paris International Book Fair

TRENDS’ debut at the Paris International Book Fair 2024 captivated attendees, drawing a significant audience fascinated by research and intellectual discourse. Among the notable visitors were Her Excellency Rachida Dati, the French Minister of Culture, and His Excellency Mathieu Lacombre, Minister of Culture of Quebec, Canda, the Fair’s honored guest. Also in attendance were dignitaries such as Mr. Ahmed Al Mulla, Deputy Head of the UAE Mission to France, alongside officials, writers, media figures, and social media influencers.


Students from the University of Paris-Sergy’s Media and Publishing Program, led by program director Gustavo Giroud, engaged in a dialogue session with TRENDS’ researchers. Topics ranged from TRENDS’ publications and research perspectives to the role of think tanks and scientific research in fostering knowledge, promoting reading, as well as forecasting and shaping the future. Throughout its active engagement in the Fair, TRENDS showcased a selection of its diverse research publications addressing a range of regional and global topics.


New Publications Unveiled

TRENDS introduced several new research publications during the Paris International Book Fair 2024, including the French edition of the “Muslim Brotherhood Global Influence Index”. This groundbreaking indicator, developed in collaboration with the University of Montreal and the PLURIEL Islam study platform, aims to provide an objective analysis of the Brotherhood’s presence, power, and impact across different regions. Additionally, “Dismantling Stereotypes About the Islamism of the Egyptian Brotherhood” offers a critical examination of common misconceptions associated with the Brotherhood’s ideology.


Intellectual Symposium on Gulf-European Relations

As part of its research expedition, TRENDS hosted a significant international symposium titled “Gulf-European Relations: Opportunities and Prospects for Cooperation and Partnership” at the Napoleon Hotel in Paris. The event, attended by notable French and Arab dignitaries, along with a large gathering of media professionals, featured distinguished speakers such as Senator Nathalie Goulet, Dr. Charles Saint-Preux of the Observatory of Geopolitical Studies (OEG), Dr. Hamad Al Kaabi, CEO of Aletihad News Center, Mr. Amr Abdel-Rahim from the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), and Ms. Camille Lones, Deputy Director of the Paris Office and Research Fellow at the Middle East and North Africa Program of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) in France. Discussions covered various aspects of France’s relations with Arab Gulf states, including political, economic, and cultural cooperation.


Additionally, at its pavilion in the heart of the French capital during the Paris International Book Fair at the Grand Palais Éphémère, TRENDS collaborated with the Aletihad News Center to host a panel discussion titled “The Importance of Research and Student Exchange in Enhancing the Skills of Young Researchers.” The session, attended by Professor Patrice Brodeur from the University of Montreal, Emirati students from Sorbonne University, researchers, media professionals and influencers, and content creators, provided a comprehensive overview of the significance of research and student exchange programs in nurturing the skills of young researchers. Discussions also highlighted the pivotal role of think tanks, universities, educational institutions, and media in fostering global dialogue and collaboration.


Exploring Research Collaboration

During its French expedition, TRENDS engaged in dialogue sessions with prominent French research institutions, including the French International Relations Institute (IFRI) and the Center for European Policy (CEP). Discussions centered on enhancing research cooperation in areas such as extremism, terrorism, political Islam, and international affairs.


In a panel discussion, TRENDS’ researchers collaborated with counterparts from the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS) to explore opportunities for joint research cooperation and the pivotal role of think tanks and research centers in shaping perspectives to address challenges.


As part of the TRENDS Global Dialogue, TRENDS’s delegation, led by Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, engaged in discussions with Ms. Nathalie Goulet, a member of the French Senate, at the Parliament’s historic headquarters in Paris. The session underscored the significance of think tanks in advancing scientific research and knowledge dissemination, as well as their advisory role in addressing global issues. Goulet commended TRENDS’ research endeavors and its forward-thinking approach, expressing interest in strengthening collaboration across various domains of mutual interest.


During the exhibition, TRENDS’ delegation visited the pavilions of the Quebec Province and the Romanian Cultural Institute, while also participating in the exhibition’s initial planning meeting. They emphasized the importance of exhibitions in fostering knowledge exchange and building bridges between communities.


These dialogues highlighted the vital role of research and thought centers in interpreting and anticipating global events, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and knowledge sharing. It was agreed to maintain communication and develop a joint action plan encompassing research collaboration, experience exchange, project implementation, and the organization of conferences and seminars, along with the publication of research findings from all parties involved.


TRENDS’ Podcast: ‘Trending Echoes’

As part of its ongoing mission to foster global intellectual discourse, TRENDS Research & Advisory hosted a select group of international experts and specialists on its renowned “Trending Echoes” podcast during its participation in the Paris International Book Fair 2024. This initiative reflects TRENDS’ commitment to enriching the intellectual and cultural landscape of the exhibition by providing a platform for open dialogue on various contemporary issues and presenting fresh perspectives from around the globe.


Meeting Objectives

Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research & Advisory, expressed satisfaction with the success of the Center’s tour in France, noting that it had accomplished all its objectives. He remarked, “We seized the opportunity to introduce our research publications to a new audience of French speakers, engage in high-level dialogue with experts and researchers worldwide, and explore potential research partnerships with international research centers.” Dr. Al-Ali also expressed gratitude for the significant support received during the French leg of TRENDS’ research expedition, affirming the Center’s dedication to furthering intellectual and cultural dialogue between the Middle East and the global community.