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In an interactive lecture within the «Edraak» training program .. TRENDS equips its staff with «Media Immunity» in the information age

11 Jun 2024

In an interactive lecture within the «Edraak» training program .. TRENDS equips its staff with «Media Immunity» in the information age

11 Jun 2024


As part of its efforts to enhance the capabilities of its staff in the information age, TRENDS Research and Advisory organized an interactive lecture on “Media Immunity” within the “Edraak” program series, which is supervised by the Center’s Training and Development Department. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Ibrahim Khadem, Director of Media Content Licensing at the UAE Media Council.

At the start, the lecturer praised TRENDS’ research efforts, adding that its specialized work of disseminating documented knowledge constitutes a model of media immunity in its broadest sense.


The lecture, which was held at TRENDS’ head office in Abu Dhabi, stressed the importance of possessing media immunity skills in our digital age. Such skills enable individuals and institutions to deal effectively with a huge amount of information and take informed decisions about what is published.

The lecture provided participants with the necessary skills to distinguish correct information from misleading one, and how to verify its authenticity before sharing or publishing it.

The lecturer focused on several basic themes, namely consolidating the media message to ensure that it reaches the target audience effectively, while ensuring that the message is clear and consistent with the organization’s goals.


He also stressed the importance of documenting the media issue and achievements in a professional manner and using various media outlets to enhance the institution’s visibility and disseminate its success stories, as well as investing in knowledge. He underlined the importance of possessing specialized knowledge about current events, how to analyze information and use it for the benefit of the institution, gaining in-depth knowledge about a single issue, and adopting balanced practices in presenting the media message.

He stated that the choice of appropriate speakers is crucial because they are the mirror of any entity or institution. They also need to have communication skills and the ability to deliver the message clearly and convincingly.


The lecture, which was attended by a large number of participants, included practical applications, during which specific topics were discussed and presentations were made, which made the lecture more interactive.

The lecturer recommended that participants read more and attend symposiums and events of scientific value.