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TRENDS bolsters its global leadership at Paris International Book Fair 2024, showcases a pavilion brimming with publications

03 Apr 2024

TRENDS bolsters its global leadership at Paris International Book Fair 2024, showcases a pavilion brimming with publications

03 Apr 2024


TRENDS Center for Research and Advisory is to embark on an insightful research tour through France from April 10 to 17, marking its debut at the prestigious Paris International Book Fair 2024. This landmark event underscores TRENDS’ global leadership as it presents a diverse array of publications to a new French-speaking audience.

Concurrently, the Center is poised to launch its “TRENDS Paris” virtual office, the first in Europe and fifth globally, serving as a pivotal knowledge hub on the continent, further fortifying its international footprint.

At the heart of the fair, TRENDS will unveil its inaugural works in French, including a groundbreaking index measuring the global influence of the “Brotherhood” group in the world, developed in collaboration with the University of Montreal in Canada and the university platform for studying Islam «PLURIEL».

Additionally, TRENDS will introduce its maiden French-language book, co-authored by researchers from the TRENDS Center and the University of Montreal.


Booth No. B29 will be abuzz with activity as TRENDS is to showcase numerous titles from its extensive research publications, some translated into 15 languages. This exhibit underscores TRENDS’ multidisciplinary approach encompassing scientific, political, security, economic, and military domains, along with political Islam.

Moreover, the Center’s pavilion will host engaging dialogue sessions and discussions on a variety of topics, including a symposium on the Gulf-European relations.

Throughout their week-long research tour, the TRENDS delegation will actively engage with leading research centers and intellectual institutions in Paris, on the sidelines of their participation in the Paris International Book Fair. This is aimed to foster cooperation and bolster partnerships with research institutions across the European continent.

The media delegation will capture the essence of the event, broadcasting it across TRENDS platforms and recording three podcast episodes with global experts to facilitate discussions on contemporary issues and encourage idea exchange.


Dr. Mohammad Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research & Advisory, emphasized that the Center’s inaugural participation in the Paris International Book Fair underlines its leadership in research and consultancy, aligning with TRENDS’ dedication to disseminating knowledge grounded in scientific research and its forward-thinking approach. He also affirmed the Center’s commitment to becoming a global platform for intellectual and cultural dialogue.

Dr. Al-Ali said that TRENDS’ presence at the Paris International Book Fair presents an opportunity to introduce its diverse publications and the ideas they encapsulate to a new French-speaking audience. Additionally, the Center will publish its first original works in French on the sidelines of the exhibition.

Dr. Mohammad Al-Ali added that TRENDS’ agenda in France extends beyond the book fair, with plans to foster intellectual and research dialogue with international institutions, noting the significance of the research tour in a culturally rich environment, and its role in solidifying TRENDS’ position as a leading independent center regionally and globally. Dr. Al-Ali concluded that the Center is committed to providing robust research products, disseminating knowledge, and supporting the academic community with innovative research visions.


Rawda Al Marzouqi, Director of the Distribution and Exhibitions Department at TRENDS, commented that TRENDS’ involvement in the Paris International Book Fair will showcase a collection of invaluable publications known for their diversity and depth. She emphasized the Fair’s significance as one of the largest global cultural gatherings, drawing tens of thousands of intellectuals, writers, researchers, and publishers. She also underscored the Fair’s role as a platform for exploring numerous issues and crises that capture the attention of the global community.

“We hope to expand the reach of TRENDS publications and introduce them to hundreds of thousands of visitors,” she stated.


Elyazia Al Hosani, Head of Media Communications at TRENDS, highlighted the Center’s dedication to leveraging its participation in the Paris International Book Fair to glean insights into best practices and experiences in knowledge production. She also remarked the invaluable opportunity the Fair presents for learning from the experiences of others.

Adding, she said that alongside the exhibition, numerous media, dialogue, and discussion events and activities are scheduled to introduce the TRENDS Center and its publications. She affirmed that media arrangements have been finalized to disseminate this participation and its associated events across all TRENDS social media platforms, as well as through Arab and international newspapers and news agencies. Moreover, she highlighted the involvement of seasoned influencers who will provide firsthand coverage of the event in a professional manner and across multiple languages.