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TRENDS fifth day at Abu Dhabi Book Fair .. Concludes Two more Research Agreements and Partnerships

04 May 2024

TRENDS fifth day at Abu Dhabi Book Fair .. Concludes Two more Research Agreements and Partnerships

04 May 2024


Trends Research and Advisory pavilion at Abu Dhabi International Book Fair hosted the signing ceremony of partnership agreements with the Emirates Reprographic Rights Management Association, Wanli Online Publishing Solutions, The agreements reflect Trends’ endeavor to enhance cooperation with various institutions in the fields of knowledge promotion, media and publication.

Trends has signed a partnership agreement with the Emirates Reprographic Rights Management Association to promote cooperation in the field of publishing, including the exchange of experiences and information, the organization of joint events, and support for relevant research and studies. The agreement was signed by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of Trends, and Mr. Mohammed bin Dukhein Al-Matroushi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association.


Trends also signed a second partnership agreement with Wanli Online Publishing Solutions to enhance cooperation in the field of online publishing solutions, including the development and application of modern publishing technologies, and digital publishing services to authors and publishers. The agreement was initialed by Dr. Mohamed Abdulla Al Ali, CEO of Trends, and Mr. Mamdouh Wa’ili, in his capacity as the Company’s owner.

These agreements constitute an important step in the Trends Research and Advisory effort towards achieving its objectives of disseminating knowledge and promoting a culture of scientific research. The agreements support cooperation between various institutions that generate knowledge, media content and publishing output in the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of Trends said “We are highly appreciative as we sign these important agreements with strategic partners who share our visions and goals. ” We believe that these agreements shall contribute significantly to our efforts to disseminate knowledge and promote a culture of scientific research locally and globally. We look forward to fruitful cooperation with our new partners to deliver more achievements in the future,” he added.


Book Release: «The Race for Mukalla»

Michael Knights, a Jill and Jay Bernstein Senior Fellow at The Washington Institute for Middle East Policy, who specializes in Gulf military and security affairs, released his new book, “The Race for Mukalla” in which he explored the war to eliminate Al-Qaeda. The book was released at Trends pavilion in Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2024. Michael Knights expressed his appreciation for Trends’ research role, and for hosting his book release in Abu Dhabi. He referred to the role of scientific research in documenting events.


Trends has hosted Michael Knights in a panel discussion on his book “25 Days to Aden.” Trends has summarized this book in which the author documented the full untold story of the Arabian force’s effort in the Yemeni war. The book addressed the role of Emirati elite forces in the liberation of Aden, which constituted the first turning point in the course of the Yemeni crisis, and allowed the legitimate Yemeni government to survive and withstand the attacks during subsequent years.


New Book Release

Trends released another book at its booth. The book was entitled “The role of civil society and community participation in enhancing resilience and the ability to adapt and mitigate the risks of disasters.” Prepared by Trends training expert Dr. Hisham Al-Manasir, the book provides an in-depth analysis of the role of civil society and community engagement in crisis and disaster response, with emphasis on their capacity to enhance resilience and adapt to risks.

The book focuses on the significance of engaging communities in all phases of crisis management, from prevention and preparedness, to response and relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

The book presents a number of practical experiences from different countries of the world, which show how civil society and community participation can mitigate the effects of crises and disasters.


The study urges the importance of developing educational policies and programs for promoting public awareness and capacity building in the field of disaster and risk management.

Dr. Manasir emphasized the important role of civil society in strengthening the resilience of communities to risks. Speaking at the signing ceremony he said: “Civil society is an essential partner for governments in crisis and disaster management, and the participation of local communities is quite important to ensure the success of any relief and rehabilitation effort.”

This book received great attention from visitors of the Abu Dhabi book Fair, who expressed their appreciation for the subject in light of the repeated occurrence of global crises and disasters.


Trends Global Outlook

Many officials, researchers, academics, students and the general public continued to visit the center’s pavilion. They appreciated its genuine knowledge efforts and active global engagement. They also praised the abundance of its research output and the diversity of its topics.

The supervisors of the pavilion briefed the audience on the nature of Trends work, its publications and independent research approach that covers comprehensive knowledge and cultural topics. Artificial intelligence was also present through the intelligent Trends robot “Echo “, Moxie, and the Trends hologram program for advanced research.