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TRENDS inaugurates its pavilion at the Beijing International Book Fair .. and launches tomorrow its sixth global office in China

20 Jun 2024

TRENDS inaugurates its pavilion at the Beijing International Book Fair .. and launches tomorrow its sixth global office in China

20 Jun 2024


TRENDS Research and Advisory began the first day of its participation in the Beijing International Book Fair 2024 with a special pavilion that reflects its global identity and showcases dozens of publications, including various scientific studies and research, pursuant to its keenness to participate in leading global cultural forums.

The Beijing International Book Fair is one of the world’s four leading book fairs. Every year, it attracts hundreds of publishers, writers and intellectuals from all over the world.


From the early moments of its opening, TRENDS’ pavilion received many the Book Fair’s visitors who showed interest in learning about the Center’s various publications that cover various fields, including international security, international relations, political Islam, terrorism, economics, artificial intelligence, advanced technology, climate, environment and health.

The pavilion provides visitors with the opportunity to interact with artificial intelligence techniques applied by TRENDS in its research and studies. It also allows them to learn about TRENDS’ forward-looking research work and podcast series Trending Echoes.


To day, Thursday, June 20, TRENDS will organize, in cooperation with the China International Communications Group, a symposium entitled “China and the GCC States: Strengthening Cooperation and Partnership”. Participants will include several experts and academics from the region and China.

On the same day, TRENDS will also inaugurate its sixth office globally to serve as a new link with Chinese think tanks and scientific research centers and universities. Also, during the Book Fair, it will launch and introduce the Chinese version of the Muslim Brotherhood’s international influence index and an index measuring public opinion trends in cyberspace regarding the Muslim Brotherhood.


In conjunction with the Book Fair, TRENDS will conduct a research tour that will cover six leading research centers in China. It will also sign three memorandums of cooperation and sustainable research partnership with leading Chinese research centers, namely the China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID), Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China (RDCY), and the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR).


On the other hand, TRENDS will take advantage of its presence in Beijing to record three episodes of its podcast series Trending Echoes with prominent Chinese experts: Dr. Chen Jing, professor at the School of Middle East Studies, Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), Ms. Li Ying, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Arabic Edition of China Today magazine, and Mi. Ji Jichao, Director of the Faculty of Arabic Language, Guangzhou University of International Studies, to discuss various issues of common interest and promote cultural exchange between the region and China.


Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, said that TRENDS’ participation in the Beijing International Book Fair comes within the framework of its keenness to participate in global cultural forums and enhance aspects of cooperation and partnership with various cultural, intellectual and research institutions in the region and the world.

Dr. Al-Ali added that TRENDS seeks, through its global vision, to be open to various cultures, spread knowledge that makes the future, confront deviant thought and hatred, and spread the values ​​of goodness, peace, coexistence and tolerance.


He stated that the launch of TRENDS’ sixth global office in Beijing is an important step in the Center’s journey towards globalization, strengthening its presence in the world’s leading capitals, enhancing knowledge communication between think tanks, regionally and internationally, and launching more joint research initiatives and projects.

Dr. Al-Ali concluded by saying that TRENDS reiterates its commitment to its role as a leading intellectual center in the field of scientific research and seeks, through its work and activities, to contribute to building a better, stable and prosperous future.