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TRENDS Partners with French Senator Nathalie Goulet to Translate her «The Alphabet of Terrorism Financing» into Arabic

28 May 2024

TRENDS Partners with French Senator Nathalie Goulet to Translate her «The Alphabet of Terrorism Financing» into Arabic

28 May 2024


TRENDS Research & Advisory has sealed a partnership with French Senator Nathalie Goulet for translating her book, ‘The Alphabet of Terrorism Funding’, into Arabic. The book offers a comprehensive analytical journey into the diverse avenues used to fund terrorism and terrorist organizations. It also delves into the strategies and tools essential for combating this pressing global issue.

This translation endeavor echoes TRENDS’ overarching mission to confront extremist ideologies and foster a worldwide environment of tolerance and open dialogue.


After the agreement was signed, a lively discussion session ensued, providing a deep dive into the book’s content. The session, moderated by Abdulaziz AlShehhi, Principal Researcher at TRENDS boasted distinguished participants, including Senator Nathalie Goulet, Researcher Rahaf AlKhazraji, Director of TRENDS’ Translation Department.

AlShehhi highlighted the book’s significance, referring to its role in facilitating a rapid comprehension of terrorism funding mechanisms for legislators and various stakeholders alike.


Senator Nathalie Goulet commended TRENDS’ diligent research initiatives and its pivotal role in combating extremism on a global scale. She underlined the book’s invaluable contribution to international counter-terrorism efforts, providing in-depth insights into the sources, techniques, mechanisms, and actionable strategies to bolster counter-terrorism effectiveness.

She recounted the genesis of the book, tracing it back to her involvement in a fact-finding committee assigned to address the dangers posed by extremism and extremist groups. Remarkably, this initiative commenced a mere 15 days prior to the tragic terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish kosher supermarket. Serving as Vice-Chairman of the NATO Economic Committee, she was deeply engaged in formulating strategies aimed at thwarting terrorist funding activities within the NATO nations.


The book provides an exhaustive exploration of both traditional and contemporary terrorism funding mechanisms, spanning encrypted currencies, online fundraising, and the intricate interplay between terrorism, financial crimes, and organized crime.

It also meticulously scrutinizes the myriad funding sources, methods and mechanisms utilized by terrorist organizations. These cover a wide spectrum, ranging from human and drug trafficking to money laundering and the illicit trade in counterfeit goods.


Goulet pointed out that the book methodically traces the funding sources of terrorist groups and the complex web of mechanisms and techniques they employ to secure essential financial resources. It provides a comprehensive examination of these diverse funding sources, documented in various forms. These include encrypted or digital currencies, real estate transactions, the illicit trade in artifacts, human and animal smuggling, car rentals, arms trade, money laundering, counterfeit goods, prepaid cards, gold and drug trafficking, cash transactions, as well as kidnapping and ransom schemes.


Elaborating, she said the book suggests that the non-financial sector could inadvertently facilitate terrorism by providing avenues for funding, particularly in fields such as finance, law, and other service-oriented professions catering to individuals or corporations. The book sheds light on the concept of “Low-cost terrorism,” emphasizing how many terrorist activities can be executed with minimal resources, thus posing challenges for detection and prevention efforts.