Covid-19: Toward Reviving Economies & New Normal Development Strategies

09 Nov 2020

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IBAN: 978-9948-25-443 -0

AED 30

This book presents original research by TRENDS Research & Advisory aimed at enriching understanding of the Covid-19 crisis and highlighting the pandemic’s many significant consequences. This compilation’s main objective is to aid the global community in devising effective policies and strategies to help address and overcome the many challenges posed by the effects of the crisis and its implications. On both the geostrategic level and in terms of sectoral impacts across the entire spectrum of political, economic and social activity, this book assesses the changes we might expect in the global, regional and national contexts.

 This book’s chapters – organized in three broad sections – seek to analyze the multiple dimensions of the Covid-19 crisis and its interplay with broad future trends. These chapters not only highlight, in detail, the causes and effects associated with the short and long-term fallout of the pandemic, but also discuss their potential influence on policymaking.