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Knowledge in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

15 Jun 2021

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ISBN: 978-9948-846-29-1

AED 10

This paper provides a commentary on the value of knowledge in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The semantics of knowledge provides the backdrop to the paper. The paper also dwells on the characteristics of the contemporary economy powered by knowledge and the frameworks that govern and manage it. The role that information and communication technologies have played in facilitating the knowledge management paradigms in recent decades is highlighted before transitioning into AI’s impact in the contemporary milieu. The socio-economic impact is deliberated upon regarding the K-CREDIT framework (Nadkarni, 2008), and the education sector is singled out for further scrutiny, given its criticality to the knowledge paradigm. The paper concludes by prognosing the evolution of Artificial General Intelligence and the relevance of knowledge in this context.