Trends Hub Award For Scientific Research

We aim to encourage researchers at the regional and global levels to conduct creative and effective research on various issues of interest to TRENDS

Nominations for the award starts on September 9 2023 until June 15 2024

Research Areas

Technology and artificial intelligence issues

Technology and Artificial Intelligence Issues

Cultural and social issues

Cultural and Social Issues

Economic and Development Issues, Climate and Sustainability

Economic and Development Issues, Climate and Sustainability

Political Issues, Security and Military Affairs

Political Issues, Security and Military Affairs

1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


Terms & Criteria

  • Academic Qualification

    The candidate should hold a higher academic qualification in the same field of the study relevant to the paper submitted.

  • Guidelines

    There is a set of criteria for the research paper, most notably:
    Conditions: The research paper must adhere to internationally-recognized scientific research standards.
    The paper: It must be original individual work, untranslated, unpublished, and not submitted for publication by a third party.
    Language: The research paper must be delivered in correct a clear Arabic or English language.
    Word count: It must not exceed 5000 words (in English) or 6000 words (in Arabic), excluding the notes and references.
    Formatting: paper must be formatted in terms of font type and size, and include main titles and subtitles, and a short biography at the end of the paper.
    Reference citation: Information and references must be properly cited, by consistently using the recognized citation styles (such as APA and MLA).

  • Languages

    The research must be delivered in correct idiomatic Arabic or English language.

  • References

    The Study must use valid citations, reliable information and proper referencing.

  • Award Jury Panel

    The academic referee panel of experts shall consist of prominent figures in each field of the award. The referees shall review, vetting and assessing the nominated papers, provided that the evaluation criteria include the significance and impact of research and the extent of its commitment to the approved methodology of research.

Paper Submission Form

    The abstract should not exceed 250 words, and may be submitted in either English or Arabic

    The length of the final submission shall exceed no more than 6,000 words, written in APA style, including (or excluding) references. Papers may be summited in either English or Arabic.
    Note: File should be in a word document format

    Applicant confirmation: