The UAE Community Opinion on EXPO 2020

    TRENDS Research and Advisory, in cooperation with ‘Al-Imarat Al-Yawm’ newspaper, is conducting a poll to gauge the public opinion about the UAE’s organization of Expo 2020 Dubai.

    Personal Information:

    1. Gender

    2. Age Group

    3. Academic Qualification

    4. Nationality

    5. Marital Status

    6. Place of Residence


    1. Are you planning to visit EXPO 2020 Dubai?

    2. If your answer to the first question above is “Yes” / “I have already visited it”, with whom will you /have you visited EXPO 2020?

    3. In your opinion, how will the UAE gain from hosting EXPO 2020 Dubai? (Please, select the 3 most important answers).

    Attract more touristsAttract more investmentsCreate more job opportunitiesShowcase the UAE achievementsPromote the values of tolerance and peace among nationsLean about the latest advances in technology and artificial intelligenceLearn about the various cultures of the worldOthers

    4. In your view, how can the UAE image be strengthened through EXPO 2020 Dubai? (You can choose more than one answer).

    By showcasing the development achievements of the UAE (modern urban architecture, infrastructure, tourist resorts and attractions …. etc)By presenting the tangible heritage of the UAE (handcrafts, architecture, forts, antiquities artefacts and museums)By showing the intangible of the UAE (folklore, poetry, music … etc)By introducing the UAE cuisine and traditional foodBy showing the UAE charitable works, humanitarian assistance … etc.

    5. What attracts you most in EXPO 2020 Dubai? (Please, select the 3 most important answers).

    The new world-class innovations and technologyThe opportunity to meet and interact with people from around the worldLearning about the arts, history and culture of other different countriesArchitectural designs of the pavilionsSymposiums and conferences held at EXPO 2020 .. etcMaking the best use of learning programs and toursSeeing the cuisines and foods of different parts of the worldInternational music showsOthers

    6. Various intellectual and cultural forums will be organized during EXPO 2020 Dubai, what topics would you like to be discussed in these forums? (Please, select the 3 most important answers).

    Environmental issues (pollution, global warming, desertification … etc)Health and pandemics and how to prevent and control themAgriculture and food and water securityFighting povertyInvestment opportunitiesDevelopment of educationTourism and travelDevelopment of means of transportArtificial intelligence and technologyOthers

    7. 192 countries participate in EXPO 2020 Dubai, please mention five countries you most prefer to visit their pavilions? [an open question].