Emirati Fortress: How the UAE Brought Down the Muslim Brotherhood

02 Nov 2023

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IBAN: 978-9948-775-05-8

AED 30

This book contains a collection of articles published in Al Ittihad newspaper, with the same topic, i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood’s attempt to overthrow the United Arab Emirates (UAE) regime. Minor amendments and additions were introduced to the articles as appropriate material for the book.

The importance of the event has led me to publish this book and shed light on the Emirati scene, the conditions that the state has been through since 2013, and the events that the state and the region have witnessed until then. We need to discuss quietly and objectively what happened to figure out the current situation and see the complete picture. One of the most serious and sensitive challenges that faced the UAE was the secret organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and their plan to change its regime by virtue of their allegiance to a foreign international organization that was working on the sly to control the countries in which they exist — the UAE was among these countries. In my opinion, this danger was nothing less than their attempt to disrupt national cohesion for the first time in the history of the UAE.

This book clarifies the situation, exposes the foreign relationships of this group, and reveals the real objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood, their failure, and the contradiction between their actions and their slogans that brought them to power in some countries.

We hope this book will serve as a historical document for those who did not live during this period.