Security: Navigating Emerging Threats and Major Challenges

30 Apr 2024

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Security, in its broadest interpretation, has been fundamental to the evolution of civilizations and societies. Globally leading nations, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have grasped this key element and tirelessly worked towards its realization since the late twentieth century.

Yet, the landscape of global security has transformed, advancing, and diversifying significantly. Emergent non-traditional threats have brought to the forefront new security concerns, most notably the safeguarding of food supply chains and energy resources, along with addressing climate change impacts and pandemic proliferation. The scope of security has thus expanded beyond mere resistance to direct aggression.

This evolving scenario has required a flexible approach in establishing the principles and foundations of the general concept of “security,” with particular emphasis on “national security.” These principles and foundations are multi-layered, spanning from individual and domestic security to national, regional, and eventually, international, and global scales. Effectively addressing security necessitates a holistic approach that includes social, environmental, health, food, and cultural considerations, acknowledging security as a complex, multifaceted phenomenon intertwined with social, economic, and international relations aspects.

Given the inherent opposition between conflict and security, this study addresses the concept of conflict and delves into the underlying causes of international disputes. These causes often stem from psychological and ideological factors linked to political systems, societal dynamics, and the arms race.

Historically, the Middle East has been a focal point of the world, a region characterized by enduring conflicts. This book explores these conflicts and the region’s complex geopolitical and cultural identity, which demands careful re-evaluation and reformulation by Middle Eastern countries. It advocates for a redefinition of international policies towards the region, proposing a strategic roadmap. Central to this roadmap is the Emirati vision for a new Middle East, fostered by a coalition of regional powers dedicated to fostering peace and tolerance, shifting from the narratives of war to those of peace. Paramount in this vision are the region’s overarching interests, strategic objectives, and the prosperity of future generations.

The landscape of security is continually challenged by technological advancements and health issues. Among the most significant contemporary challenges are cybersecurity and global health crises, exemplified by the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-2021. During this period, the UAE emerged as a model of effective response and management, demonstrating its prowess both domestically and internationally.

The UAE has notably established and promoted societal justice and equality, ensuring rights and duties are respected irrespective of religion, race, or sect. It has created equal opportunities, concurrently upholding cultural uniqueness, thereby reinforcing the principle of diversity within a unified framework that values freedom and human rights. Moreover, the UAE guarantees the constitutional and legitimate rights of all individuals through equitable governance that prioritizes the needs of citizens, residents, and visitors, ensuring their overall safety and security.

This aspect highlights the multifaceted strength of the UAE, augmenting its political, military, and economic prowess. The UAE’s strategic capabilities have been instrumental in maintaining stability and sovereignty, facilitating growth, enhancing diplomacy-cantered international relations, and addressing global challenges with wisdom and objectivity. The nation has been particularly proactive in presenting and executing an international strategy to counteract terrorism and extremist ideologies that have proliferated since the late 1970s.

In these endeavors, the UAE showcases a unique and effective approach to security, achieving substantial success on the ground. This success is further supported and amplified by the prudent leadership and visionary insights of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE, whose guidance is continually sought for protection and prosperity.