Muslim Brotherhood Encyclopedia

The Special Apparatus of the Muslim Brotherhood: Inception, Objectives, and Evolution – Volume (III)

18 May 2020

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ISBN: 978-9948-25-598 -7

AED 30

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This book examines the guiding philosophy behind the Muslim Brotherhood’s establishment of the Special Apparatus. The Brotherhood has often used the Apparatus to mislead governments and to ensure the Group’s leaders retain control over its activities.

The book also sheds light on several significant findings suggesting that the Special Apparatus is the Muslim Brotherhood’s military arm. It indicates that the Apparatus started based on “the pledge of allegiance” as a central organizational, political and military culture, which ensures loyalty, reinforces the power, and prepares the units to achieve its organizational and strategic goals.

It also shows that the goals of the Brotherhood’s Special Apparatus significantly converge with those of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Both organizations believe in the use of force, violence, and other means to achieve their goals. They also share the same ideological and religious standpoints, aiming to change the ruling regimes and eventually establish a Brotherhood-led government.

The book concludes that although the Muslim Brotherhood announced the Special Apparatus’ dissolution and pledged to abandon violence, it continues to exist as an idea and a movement. It carries out its functions through the Group’s secret committees, which has been safeguarding the entity following the June 30, 2014 revolution in Egypt.